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    2014 WORLD CUP



Newfoundland and Labrador
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To Inspire, Promote and Develope Youth
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George Street 7's
July 30 2016
Swilers Rugby Complex
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2016 Provincial School
Rugby Program
Boys & Girls
St. John's & Metro
Schedules/Results Posted here

Will flag rugby be part of your school's Physical Education program in 2016/2017? The NLRU supports (non-contact) flag rugby in NL schools and can provide training material to PE teachers. Contact us for information and support - School Support [email].

Updated: 2015-10-06


Hearn Goes Pro
Signs with London Irish

The British sport tabloids and the London Irish laud Newfoundland's Ciaran Hearn as a prized acquisition after the Canadian international fifteens and sevens rugby centre signed a contract to play out the league's season.

The Canadian World Cup star, who has made 49 international appearences for Canada, including both the 2011 and 2015 Rugby World Cups and the World 7s Series was frequently commented by broaddcasters during the World Cup for outstanding plays. Hearn joins fellow Canadian international player, Jebb Sinclair who joined the London Irish in 2011.

The London Irish, formed in 1898, is based in Sunbury, Surrey and compete in the top division of the Aviva Premiership, the Anglo-Welsh Cup and either the European Champions Cup or European Challenge Cup depending on their standings.

See: London Irish Sign Hearn
See: London Irish
See: BBC Sports

Updated: 2015-10-03


New Zealand Wins
2015 Rugby World Cup




Vandals Win
Sully Memorial Cup

Fifty to eighty kilometer winds and driving rain didn't deter two Newfoundland rugby teams from engaging in a hard fought match on Saturday at the Torbay Rugby Pitch - both vying for the coveted Senior Men's "B" Championship and the Sully Memorial Cup.

The Mount Pearl Dogs opened the match with Grant Casey scoring a try. Jeff Aylward responded with a try, converted by Gregg Fraser. Mike Rudofsky followed, grounding the ball to take a 12-5 lead for the Vandals. Gud Bjarnason and Fraser added 7 more points to end the first half 19-5.

The Dogs opened the second half with Chris Hammond and Alex Rogers scoring tries closing the Vandals lead to 19-15. However Gregg Fraser kicked a 3 point penalty between the uprights, sealing the Vandals win at 22-15.

John Saunders, Darren Hazlie and Sean Clancy officiated.

NLRU President John Cowan Presents Sully Cup
to Vandals Captain Adam Hill



Canadian Women Win Silver
Youth Commonwealth Games


Canadian women fought their way to the cup final winning silver after a 36-5 loss to Australia in Samoa on Thursday at the Youth Commonwealth Games. Canada defeated Tonga, the Cook Islands, Samoa, and Fiji in the pool stage of the tournament, suffering their only pool loss to the tough Australians by 2 points.

Canadian women continue to make their mark internationally in the youth and senior divisions with the senior women ranking 2nd in the world with 96 points behind New Zealand's 108 points.

    Poll Results

  • 2015-09-08 - Canada 38-0 Tonga
  • 2015-09-09 - Canada 24 - 12 Cook Islands
  • 2015-09-09 - Canada 45-0 Samoa
  • 2015-09-09 - Canada 10-12 Australia
  • 2015-09-10 - Canada 17-10 Fiji
  • 2015-09-11 - Canada 5-36 Australia - Cup Final

    Canadian Roster

  1. Olivia APPS, Ontario
  2. Catherine BOUDREAULT, Quebec
  3. Elizabeth BOUDREAULT, Quebec
  4. Christine BRANCH, Ontario
  5. Shawna BRAYTON, Quebec
  6. Alysha CORRIGAN, Prince Edward Island (Reserve)
  7. Caroline CROSSLEY, British Columbia
  8. Elizabeth HARBEY, Quebec
  9. Geneviève KASA-VUBU, Quebec
  10. Nakisa LEVALE, British Columbia
  11. Rachel McCALLAN, Ontario
  12. Jordyn ORLANDO, Ontario (Reserve)
  13. Julia SCHELL, Ontario
  14. Tia SVOBODA, Ontario

    2015 Women's Results - 15's and 7's

  • World Cup - 2nd place
  • World Rugby Women's Sevens - 2nd place
  • Pan Am Games - 1st place
  • Youth Olympic Games - 2nd place
  • Commonwealth Youth Games - 2nd place


  • John TAIT
  • Francois TATIER

Updated: 2015-09-13


Canada Prepares
Rugby World Cup

Pre-Tournament Matches

Canada 19-12 Glasgow Warriors - Nova Scotia, Canada
Canada 16-15 Georgia - Esher, England
Canada 18-47 Fiji - Twickenham Stoop, England

Canada v. Fiji
Watch match replay here - YouTube


Vandals Win Jacobs Cup
Torbay Rugby Pitch

The Vandals U18 men's team last held the Jacobs Cup in 2011. The Dogs snatched it back in 2012 and fought off the Baymen and the Vandals in succeeding years to covet Tom Jacobs' legacy at the Dogs rugby trophy sancuary in Mount Pearl.

Vandals U18 Coach Mike Green, one of the founding members of the Vandals RFC, has been around rugby for thirty years. Despite his team's 6-1 record leading to the final, he was not betting money on Monday's final against Simon Blanks and the Dogs. The blue and gold opened the year defeating the Dogs 31-0 on Mount Pearl turf. Five weeks later the Dogs retaliated, slapping the Vandals with a 22-10 win. Green was as uncertain as anyone as to the outcome of the cup final.

Zac Sutton of the Vandals scored an important try early in the match. The play was evenly matched with both teams exchanging ends until Mark Oake of the Dogs tied the game. Strong defencive lines stalled scoring, ending the half in a 5-5 tie.

In the second half, Vandals' players Riley Crane and Mackenzie Frost grounded tries with Ben Newhook scoring a conversion to put the Vandals ahead 17-5. The Dogs regrouped with Jacob Taverner and Andrew Steele responding with tries, closing the gap to 17-15 and placing a reversal within reach of the defending champs. But with barely 5 minutes left on the clock, Scott Barnes of the Vandals scored and ultimately sealed the 22-15 point win.

Jacobs Cup
Matthew Baldwin (C) - Tom Jacobs

Updated: 2015-08-02


Profiling Ciaran Hearn
Rugby Canada

Rugby Canada - Profile: Having been a stalwart on Canada's Sevens & Fifteens Team for almost a decade, Newfoundland's Ciaran Hearn has played around the world and played his first game ever for Canada's national team in Eastern Canada this weekend facing the Glasgow Warriors. Canada defeated the Warriors 19-12 in the Battle for New Scotland.

Rugby Canada
Rugby Canada - Facebook -   RWC Profile - Ciaran Hearn

Updated: 2015-08-30


Vandals Win Collins Cup
Swilers Rugby Complex

Rugby Day in Newfoundland saw the Vandals RFC and the Swilers RFC meet at the Swilers Rugby Complex on Saturday after the four provincial rugby clubs fought for placement in the Senior Men's Summer League - Collins Cup final. The tournament semi-finals saw the Baymen fall 29-5 to the Swilers and the Dogs drop 12-7 to the Vandals.

Veteran Colin Sullivan of the Vandals opened scoring with a try, converted by Gregg Fraser, for a 7-0 lead which remained unchanged to the end of the half. The two evenly matched teams struggled between ends in the second half until Kyle McGuire scored for the Swilers. Daniel Lantos scored the conversion tying the match. Vandals' Robert Murphy grounded the ball and Fraser booted the conversion to end the match 14-7 with the win.

The two teams have exchanged Summer League wins for the past four years - see  Matches and Tournaments

Collins Cup
Frank Walsh - Collins Cup

Updated 2015-08-24


Kraft Project Play

Kraft Project Play Finalist
Swilers Rugby Club
St. John's, N.L.
 Thank You

Grand Prize Winner
 Munro Park. Nova Scotia


Canada Wins Gold
Qualifies for Rio
Parapan Am Games
Wheel Chair Rugby

Canada's Parapan Am wheelchair rugby team defeated the United States on Friday 57-54, winning the Gold Medal and qualifiying for the 2016 Olympics at Rio de Janeiro. The competiting teams are of mixed gender, however Canada's only female member, Miranda Biletski, was unable to play.

The team registered an impressive run during the games with a 5-1 stat leading into the final, losing only one match on Wednesday to the United States - 60-59.

Aiming to revenge the Wednesday loss, the team had a shaky start trailing the American team. A regroup placed the Canadians in the lead, continuing throughout the remainder of the match. The game was live streamed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.


  • 2015-08-08 Canada 65-32 Brazil
  • 2015-08-08 United States 70-25 Argentina
  • 2015-08-08 Columbia 66-12 Chile
  • 2015-08-09 Canada 76-32 Columbia
  • 2015-08-09 Argentina 53-14 Chile
  • 2015-08-09 United States 62-27 Brazil
  • 2015-08-10 Canada 73-26 Argentina
  • 2015-08-10 United States 54-11 Chile
  • 2015-08-10 Brazil 53-41 Columbia
  • 2015-08-11 Brazil 63-37 Argentina
  • 2015-08-11 Canada 67-11 Chile
  • 2015-08-11 United States 71-25 Columbia
  • 2015-08-12 Brazil 45-6 Chile
  • 2015-08-12 Columbia 51-36 Argentina
  • 2015-08-12 United States 60-59 Canada
  • 2015-08-13 Argentina 56-24 Chile
  • 2015-08-13 Canada 62-38 Brazil
  • 2015-08-13 United States 65-28 Columbia
  • 2015-08-14 Columbia 50-48 Brazil (Bronze Medal Match)
  • 2015-08-14 Canada 57-54 United States (Gold Medal Match*)
* Protested

Updated: 2015-08-15


World Rugby
Pacific Nations Cup 2015

Pacific Nations

FINALS - Monday, August 3rd

See: Fixtures/Results/Canadian Players

Updated: 2015-08-04 12:42 NT


George Street 7's

Rugby Cash Prizes 
Swilers Complex Party Program

Huge Success

Updated: 2015-08-02


Senior Men
2015 Atlantic League

Atlantic League
  1. Match 01 - 2015-07-22
    NS Keltics 51 - 10 NB Black Spruce
  2. Match 02 - 2015-07-24
    NS Keltics 25 - 14 NL Rock
  3. Match 03 - 2015-07-26
    NB Black Spruce 17-42 NL Rock
The 2015 Senior Men's Atlantic League consists of three matches between Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

NL Rock Team:

  1. Steve Cutcliffe
  2. Owen Parfrey
  3. Jordan Power
  4. Bob Rogers
  5. Justin Aylward
  6. Brad Lester
  7. Rich Tingskou
  8. Chris Brown (Halfiax only)
  9. Chris Hammond
  10. Matt Murphy
  11. Zac Coughlan
  12. Jack Thorbourn (Fredericton only)
  13. Tony Pomroy
  14. Patrick Parfrey
  15. John Daley
  16. Brandon Dillon
  17. Tommy Prestarri
  18. Guöbjartur "Gud" Bjarnason
  19. Andrew Rafuse
  20. Ty Wright (Fredericton only)
  21. TBC

   Head Coach: Simon Blanks

Update: 2015-07-24


Canadian Rugby

Rugby Canada


The finale of the U19 - U20 Canadian Rugby Championships at Regina, Saskatchewan saw the Atlantic Rock's U19 men face off with the Prairie Wolf Pack at Regina Rugby Park - vying for third place and the CRC Bronze Medal. The game followed an upset Gold Medal match which saw the British Columbia Bears win the U19 men's Canadian Rugby Championship. The Bears defeated the Ontario Blues in a 11-8 nail-biter.

The Atlantic Rock players were hardened following a 26-8 defeat at the hands of Ontario in their opening match on Thursday. Their second match was tighter with a narrow 12-7 defeat at the hands of the Bears - a match that they could have won. Their third match, a 29-19 win against the Quebec Voyageurs, exhibited much improved plays.

Tempered by identifying and fixing errors made in the earlier matches, we saw a more focused group of players on the pitch on Sunday. The Prairie Wolf Pack fought well, but the Rock, known for their tenacity, an Irish trait, ended the 1st half with a 20-0 lead and finsihed the match with a 27-12 win. Guöbjartur "Gud" Bjarnason, Jason Cookson, Ty Wright and Ben LeBlanc scored tries while Cooper Coates booted a penalty kick and nailed two conversions to round out the win.

In the women's U20 division, the Ontario Storm collected gold, defeating the British Columbia Bears 48-12 ending the tournament with a 4-0 series.

See: Fixtures/Results

Produced by Simon Blanks
Updated: 2015-07-25


Eastern Canadian
Rugby Championships


Beautiful Belleisle Bay
July 10th - July 12th 2015

Easterns Fixtures/Results/Venues
here and here

2015 Eastern Canadian Rugby Championships

The Rock - 2015 U18 Women
Jessica Todhunter photo


Pan American 7s Games

July 11-12 2015

Pan AM 7s -  Fixtures/Results

2015-07-11 - Saturday - Canadian Women
  1. Match 01 - Canada 55 - Columbia 0
  2. Match 06 - Canada 60 - Mexico 0
  3. Match 08 - Canada 36 - Brazil 0
2015-07-12 - Sunday - Canadian Women
  1. Match 10 - Canada 45 - Argentina 0
  2. Match 15 - Canada 34 - U.S.A. 12
  3. Match 18 - Canada 55 - U.S.A. 7 - Gold Medal
2015-07-11 - Saturday - Canadian Men
  1. Match 04 - Canada 45 - Guyana 0
  2. Match 08 - Canada 26 - Brazil 14
  3. Match 12 - Canada 7 - Argentina 21
2015-07-12 - Sunday - Canadian Men
  1. Match 14 - Canada 17 - Chile 12
  2. Match 19 - Canada 26 - U.S.A. 19
  3. Match 24 - Canada 22 - Argentina 19 - Gold Medal

Canadian Women's Team:

Britt Benn, Ontario
Hannah Darling, Ontario
Magali Harvey, Quebec
Sara Kaljuvee, Ontario
Jennifer Kish, Alberta
Ghislaine Landry, Ontario
Kayla Moleschi, British Columbia
Nadia Popov, Ontario
Kelly Russell, Ontario
Ashley Steacy, Alberta
Natasha Watcham-Roy, Quebec

John Tait: Head Coach
Sando Fiorino: Assistant Coach
Meg Howat: Manager

Canadian Men's Team:

Admir Cejvanovic, British Columbia
Justin Douglas, British Columbia
Sean Duke, British Columbia
Mike Fualiefau, British Columbia
Lucas Hammond, Ontario
Nathan Hirayama, British Columbia
Harry Jones, British Columbia
Phil Mack, British Columbia
John Moonlight, Ontario
Matt Mullins, Ontario
Conor Trainor, British Columbia
Sean White, British Columbia

Liam Middleton: Head Coach
Lee Douglas: Assistanct Coach
Brian Hunter: Manager



Canadian Rugby Championship (CRC)
Day 2 - Finals

Calgary Rugby Park

See: Fixtures/Results

Updated: 2015-07-01



Women's Rugby Super Series
England v. New Zealand
Canada v. USA

Red Deer, Alberta

See: Live Stream - England v. New Zealand
        7:15 p.m. NT (5:45 p.m. EDT)

See: Live Stream - Canada v. USA
         9:45 p.m. NT (8:15 p.m. EDT)

Rugby Canada
Updated: 2015-07-01


Rock Women Dominate
All Club Tournament

Swilers Rugby Complex

Morgan Evans of Baymen RFC
tackled by Laura Snow of The Rock

See: Women's All Club

Updated: 2015-06-28


Women's Rugby
Super Series

Calgary Rugby Park

See: World Rugby

Updated: 2015-06-27


Canadian Rugby Championships (CRC)
Calgary Rugby Park

The Atlantic Rock fell to the Ontario Blues with a 44-22 loss on Sunday in the CRC's at Calgary. Patrick McNicholas (NL) and Chauncey O'Toole (NB) scored singles while Mike Hamson (NS) grounded a double.

The Prairie Wolf Pack battered the British Columbia Bears 57-7, moving on to the CRC - MacTier Cup final against the Ontario Blues on July 1st. The Rock and the Bears will decide 3rd and 4th place. Both matches will be at the Calgary venue.

See: Fixtures/Results
See: Live Stream Link

Updated: 2015-06-28


New Zealand Win
World Rugby U20 Chamionship 2015
Cremona, Italy

The U20 New Zealand All Blacks defeated England with a 21-16 win on Saturday to take the men's World Rugby U20 Championship in Cremona. Final results:

1st Place - New Zealand 21-16 England
3rd Place - South Africa 31-18 France
5th Place - Australia 28-23 Wales
7th Place - Ireland 17-9 Scotland
9th Place - Argentina 38-21 Japan
11th Place - Italy 20-19 Samoa

Of the twelve teams that competed, England (winners in 2013 & 2014), New Zealand (winners in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2015) and South Africa (winner in 2012) have been winners since the competition was inaugurated in 2008 in Wales. Prior to 2018, there were Under 18 and Under 21 age-grade world championships.

Samoa has been eliminated from the 2016 competition and will compete in the 2016 World Rugby U20 Trophy tournament.

Canada competed in the World Rugby U20 Championship tournament in 2008 & 2009 and came close to gaining a spot this year, making it to the final against Georgia in May. Georgia edged Canada in the Trophy Championship match 49-24, gaining the right to move up to the World Championships in 2016.

The 2016 World Rugby U20 Championships will be held in Manchester, England, while the 2016 World Rugby U20 Trophy will be hosted by Barbados.

Updated: 2015-06-23


Atlantic Rock Senior Men
Player Selection Complete

Simon Blanks, Coach of the Atlantic Rock, has announced the selection of 26 travelling players competing in the 2015 Men's Canadian Rugby Championships at Calgary, Albera.

The team's first match will be on June 28th against the tough Ontario Blues - four year successive winners of the coveted MacTier Cup and senior men's Canadian Rugby Champions. The Atlantic Rock, Prairie Wolf Pack and British Columbia Bears each enter the tournament intent on breaking the Ontario team's winning streak.

The player selection process for the Atlantic Rock took place as result of player assesments made by Atlantic Rock coaches during matches held in all three Atlantic provinces.

See: Canadian Rugby Championships - Atlantic Rock Roster/Fixtures



Rock take Keltics
Atlantic Rock Roster

The Newfoundland Rock defeated the Nova Scotia Keltics 37-22 in a hard fought match on Saturday at the Swilers Rugby Complex in St. John's.

The Rock lead in the senior men's Atlantic League. Both teams have wins over the New Brunswick Spruce.

See: YouTube: Rock v. Keltics 2015-06-19 produced by Simon Blanks


NACRA 7s - North Carolina

Day 2
Canada Misses Slot to 2016 Olympics

Sunday was upsetting for Canada's men's NACRA 7s team at Cary, North Carolina. After three decisive wins on Saturday, a convincing win over Caman midday on Sunday and a Cup Semi-final win over Mexico, the team was upbeat and fans looked forward to history in-the-making - the first North American 7s men's rugby team to compete in the Olympics.

It was evident entering the tournament that Canada and the United States would compete in the final. Plagued by injuries and other issues, Canada struggled throughout the HSBC Sevens series. With one exception, their record against the American's was not convincing:

Australia 7s - Canada 15 - United States 17 (RR) - Canada takes Shield
Dubai 7s - teams did not meet - Canada takes Shield
South Africa 7s - teams did not meet - Canada takes Bowl
New Zealand 7s - teams did not meet - Canada takes Shield
United States 7s - Canada 0 - United States 20 (RR)
Hong Kong 7s - teams did not meet
Japan 7s - teams did not meet - Canada places 4th
Scotland 7s - Canada 40 - United States 0 (RR)
London 7's - Canada 10 - United States 29 - United States wins Cup final

The blowout in Glasgow, Scotland, was a wakeup call for the United States, evidenced by their performance in London and during the round-robin matches at the the NACRA 7s. Having reviewed all of Canada's past performance against the Americans, Coach Liam Middleton selected what he felt were his best players to match the strong US roster.

The precision exhibited throughout the tournament leading to the final was lost to the Canadian team with the Americans controlling both offence and defence throughout the match. Canadian errors created opportunities for US players Danny Barrett, Maka Unufe and Perry Baker, grounding tries, with conversions for a firm lead. Canada's Harry Jones scored a try in the second half ending the match 21-5 and sending the US 7's team off to Rio in 2016.

There remains one possible means of qualification for Canada's men's team - a reprchage tournament which will consist of 16 teams: 4 from Europe, 3 from Africa, 3 from Asia, 2 from Oceania, 2 from North America (Canada and Mexico) and 2 from South America
(Uruguay and Chile).

Pacific Nations Cup
Canada's fifteen-a-side team is preparing for the World Rugby Pacific Nations Cup series which opens on July 18th 2015. The finals will be played at the Swangard Stadium in Burnaby, B.C.

Canadian Women - Olympics
Canada's women's 7s team travel to Rio in August 2016 having qualified as the 2nd highest ranking nation in World Rugby standings.

See: NACRA 7s Fixtures/Results

Updated 2015-06-16


Day 1
Canada Leads in Points

Canadian men's sevens players lead in Pool B with 9 points following
Day 1 at the North American Caribbean Rugby Association's NACRA 7s Championships in Cary, North Carolina. The United States leads Pool A with 6 points. Canada defeated the Bahamas 45-0, Trinidad and Tobago 38-7, and Guyana 51-0 on Saturday and complete the round-robin this morning playing Cayman. The United States faces Jamaica.

It is anticipated that the United States and Canada will contest for
1st place in an iconic battle to win a slot in the 2016 Olympics. Both teams failed to make the cut in the HSBC Sevens World Series with the United States placing 6th and Canada 9th.

The Cary 7s tournament includes both men and women. Canada's women ranked in 2nd place following the Sevens World Series, qualifying for the Games of the XXXI Olympiad and are not playing in Cary.

While both the men's and women's games are being live streamed, there have been complaints about lengthly technical failures occuring throughout the matches. The Canadian - Bahamas match was lost as was the 2nd half of the Canada - Guyana match. USA Rugby TV is hoping to correct the problem for today's finals.

Teams from Canada, United States, Barbados, Jamaica, Mexico,
St. Vincent, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago are contesting for an automatic slot in the 2016 Olympic games at Rio de Janeiro.

Ciaran Hearn of Conception Bay South is one of 14 players playing for Canada. Hearn is well known internationally as a highly skilled player in both sevens and fifteens rugby.

See: NACRA 7s Fixtures/Results/Stream Link
See: Rugby Canada



Cork Wolverines Test Atlantic Rock

No strangers to Newfoundland, the Cork Wolverines are visiting St. John's to play the Senior Atlantic Rock team today at 6:00 p.m. at the Swilers Rugby Complex. The Rock will be bolstered by the appearance of Canadian international player's Chauncey O'Toole and Patrick Parfrey, and U20 international players Tony Pomroy and Matt Murphy. The Wolverines will then play the Swilers Senior A men's team at 3:00 pm on Sunday at the same venue.

The Cork Wolverines consists of some of the best rugby union players of the County Cork in the Province of Munster, Ireland.

See: Fixtures/Results



U19 Boys Nationals - Preparation Camp

The Junior Rock will have a preparation camp this weekend for the U19 Boys Canadian National Championships (CRC), culminating with a game against the Newfoundland Development team at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday at the Swilers Rugby Complex.

The U19 Canadian Rugby Championships will be held in Regina, Saskatchewan, Wednesday July 14 - Sunday July 19, 2015.

See: Fixtures/Results



NACRA 7s - North Carolina
Canada's Top Players
vie for Olympic Slot

Canada's top men's sevens players are in North Carolina warming up for Saturday's opening match against the Bahamas in the North American Caribbean Rugby Association's NACRA 7s Championships.

Teams from Canada, United States, Barbados, Jamaica, Mexico, St. Vincent, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago contest for an automatic slot in the 2016 Olympic games at Rio de Janeiro.

Ciaran Hearn of Conception Bay South is one of 14 players selected to play for Canada. Hearn is well known internationally as a highly skilled player in both sevens and fifteens rugby. The matches are being live streamed.

See: NACRA 7s Fixtures/Results/Stream Link
See: Rugby Canada - Matt Tidcombe



Saturday - Atlantic Series

New Brunswick Black Spruce - 7
The Rock - 51
Swilers Rugby Complex

The Rock defeated the New Brunswick Black Spruce with a 51-7 win at the Swilers Rugby Complex on Saturday. Nationally renowned rugby veteran Frank Walsh nailed two tries for The Rock, with Jordan Power, Tony Pomroy, Matt Murphy, Tommy Prestarri, Brandon Dillon, Owen Parfrey and Alex Rogers grounding tries with Pomroy and Morgan Lovell booting conversion points.

Players from the Atlantic Canada will be selected to play for the Atlantic Rock in the Canadian Rugby Championships to be held in Calgary on June 28th and July 1st.

The Rock next host the Nova Scotia Keltics on Jun 19th. See: Fixtures/Results

r. 2015-06-08


Concussion Protocol
ALL Domestic Competition

On Friday, Rugby Canada issued an important reminder regarding Concussion Protocol for ALL Domestic Competition in Canada, noting that it is Rugby Canada's position that the protocols be strictly followed in keeping with World Rugby Concussion Management.

The NLRU adopted concussion protocols when they were first introduced by the IRB (now World Rugby). Complete guides are posted on the NLRU website and may be found under “Risk Management - Player Welfare”.

See Rugby Canada - Concussion Protocol



Summer League Underway
take openers


World Rugby U20 Trophy
Cup Final

Fixtures/Results/Player Points


World Rugby Women's 7s
Championship Finals
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Fixtures/Results/Player Points


2015 Spring High School

May 10th - 20th 2015


Youth Rugby Program

Newfoundland and Labrador Rugby Union's (NLRU) Director of Coaching, Simon Blanks and Senior Coach Morgan Lovell, continue to ramp up interest in youth rugby, starting with the very young. While some schools have intergrated touch rugby into their physical education programs, along with soccer, basketball and floor hockey, Rugby Canada and the NLRU plan to bring competitive flag rugby program kits to interested junior high schools.

For more information on the Youth Rugby Program or high school flag rugby, contact Simon Blanks [email]

See: Rugby Canada LTRD Model
See: TheTelegram John Browne



HSBC London 7s
Canada Improves Final Standing
Fiji 7s World Champions

Day 2 - the final day for Round 9 and the 2015 HSBC series was not particularly rewarding for Canada's men's 7s team. After two wins and one loss on Day 1, the Canadian's lost their bid to contest the Cup in the QF against their nemesis, the United States - that they tounced 40-0 in Glagow, and in the Plate SF against New Zealand who they beat 19-15 in Tokyo. Sunday's matches were both tough with the United States on a winning streak and ultimately winning the Round 9 Cup Final by defeating Australia 45-22; and, New Zealand taking the Plate from South Africa with a 26-14 win.

Core players were off the Canadian roster - Ciaran Hearn and Liam Underwood were both injured in Round 8 and Phil Mack and six others were on the injured or unavailable list.

What we did see throughout the weekend was a determined, highly desciplined and passionate team of players that conceded nothing and fought to the bitter end - increasing Canada's standing from 11th to 9th place (out of 22 nations) overall in the series with 67 points. Harry Jones led Round 9 with 32 points, followed by Nathan Hirayama marking 20. Mike Fuailefau, Adam Zaruba, Sean Duke and Conor Trainor chaulked up points throughout the weekend matches. But none of this would have been possible without magnificent handoffs and strategic passes made by the playmakers - those who setup the try-makers.

Fiji won the nine round series with 164 points and were crowned the 2015 Men's World Rugby 7s Champions. Fiji, South Africa (154 pts), New Zealand (153 pts) and England (132 pts) will play in the 2016 Summer Olympics (Rio 2016) in Rio de Janeiro.

See: Fixtures/Results/ Player Roster & Points
See: Final Standings - 2015 HSBC 7s
See: Rugby Canada


Canadian Men's Second Win
World Rugby U20 Trophy
Lisbon, Portugal

Canada's U20 men's squad etched another notch on the uprights at Lisbon, Portugal on Saturday with a 24-15 win over Hong Kong. The team is vying for the single open slot to the 2016 U20 World Championships.

Canada is in second place with 9 points behind Tonga's 10 points in Pool B. Hong Kong and Namibia remain blanked. In Pool A, Georgia leads with 9, followed by Fiji and Uruguay with 5 each. Portugal is yet to make it to the board.

Trys by Phil Berna and Lucas Rumball, and two penalty kicks each by Guiseppe du Toit and Dylan Horgan, with a Horgan conversion scored 24-15 to win the match. Canada faces Tonga on Wednesday, May 20th.

See Pools/Fixtures/Results/Player Points
See Rugby Canada Matt Tidcombe


HSBC London 7s
Canada v. United States
Cup QF

Canada is out of contention to qualify for the 2016 Olympics at Rio but their passion for winning was not lost in London on Saturday. The nineth and final round of the HSBC World Rugby Sevens saw Canada end the day 2-1-0.

The team opened play against Samoa with a 17-14 win. Nathan Hirayama, Sean Duke and Harry Jones scored trys with Jones also collecting 2 points on Hirayama's grounder.

The second match of the day for Canada saw Conor Trainor, Mike Fuailefau, and Nathan Hirayama scoring trys - Hirayama grounding two for good measure and Harry Jones collecting 6 points in conversions for a 26-5 win over Argentina - pushing Canada into the Cup QF.

The third match of the round-robin against Fiji was a tough contest for the Canadian squad - and not unexpected. Fiji rests in third place in overall standings with a firm shot at the Rio Olympics. The proud Canadians fought to the bitter end with a 31-14 loss - leaving the pitch with heads held high, qualifying for the Cup QF on Sunday. Adam Zaruba and Nathan Hirayama scored trys while Harry Jones booted both conversions between the Twickenham Stoop & Stadium uprights.

Canada plays the United States in Sunday's Cup QF. The matches will be Live Streamed.

See Fixtures/Results/Player Points/Live Stream Link
See Rugby Canada


Canada Tied 2nd Place
World Rugby 7s

Canada's fabulous seven dominated Round 5 of the World Rugby Women's Sevens at Twickenham Stoop & Stadium in London, England on Friday and Saturday - down to the Cup Final against Australia.

Canada led the match with a 17-5 score into the second half. Australia dropped a yellow carded player but managed a second try which sparked the team, stalling the Canadian's unrelenting offence. Australia continued to score up to the final horn with Canada leading 17-15 - and then the heart-breaker. Aussie Ellia Green snatched Canada's hopes of a first Cup win, crossing the try-line and ending the match 20-17 for Australia.

Canada is tied in second place with Australia, 20 points behind series leader, New Zealand - well placed to qualify for the 2016 Summer Olympics. The final round of the series (Round 6) will be played in the Netherlands - May 22-23 2015.

See Fixtures/Results/Points Scored
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Canadian Women Lead
Day 1 - London 7s

Canada's Women's 7s team walked off the pitch at Twickham Stoop & Stadium in London, England with a 3-0 series of wins defeating Russia 14-12, South Africa 45-0 and England 31-0 in Round 5 of the Women's Sevens Worls Series. Canada leads with 9 points in Pool B, followed by Australia and the United States in Pool C.

Tomorrow they enter the Cup Quarter Finals. Canada stands in second place overall with 58 points - 22 points behind the current leader New Zealand. All of the matches are being live streamed.

See Fixtures/Results/Points/Live Streaming Link
See Rugby Canada - Mark Sheldon.


Canada Takes Game One
35-20 over Namibia
World U20 Trophy

See Fixtures/Results/Points/UPDATED Live Stream Link
See Rugby Canada - Matt Tidcombe


2015 Spring High School

The NLRU is introducing the High School Spring Tournament to open the Union's season, complementing the September school league program. Boys and girls teams representing 9 schools in the Avalon Region are competing with the opening match today at 2:00 p.m. The tournament continues throughout the week, concluding on Friday, May 15th.

School convenors Roxanne Butler and Basil Crosbie, representiong the Avalon Region, advised that the purpose of the tournament is to expose particpants to the game, following the Union's Mission Statement - Inspire, Promote and Develope Youth in the Sport of Rugby.

The program augments the school tag rugby program being organized by the Union's Director of Coaching, Simon Blanks, and Senior Coach, Morgan Lovell.

Information - School Tag Rugby Program:
Simon Blanks [email]
Morgan Lovell [email]

See School Fixtures/Results
See Rugby Canada Rookie Rugby
See Taq Rugby Rules
See New Zealand Tag World Cup Under 16 Final (2012)

2015-05-10 05:10

Canada Tops Pool D
Glasgow 7s

Canada opened the Glasgow 7s at Scotstoun Stadium, Glasgow, Scotland defeating a stunned USA Eagles team 40-0. The United States team has dominated Canada in past matches throughout the series. Ciaran Hearn sparked the game with an early 50 metre run and try, followed by Harry Jones' conversion. Conor Trainor, Sean White, Mike Fuailefau, Adam Zaruba and Liam Underwood scored in that order with Jones converting 5|6 for 10 points. Canada led the match 21-0 at end of the first half.

The second match against Argentina went badly. Exhibiting precision in both halves, the Los Pumas trounced the Canadians with a 21-12 win. Team Captain John Moonlight scored a try, converted by Harry Jones in the first half and Sean White scored in the second. Despite some great plays, the Canadians were unable to recover the match.

Canada's final match of the day mirrored game one, defeating Japan 38-0. John Moonlight scored early followed by Sean Duke and Conor Trainor - ending the half 21-0. Trainer opened the second half with a try, followed by Liam Underwood, Sean Duke and Adam Zaruba. Harry Jones' golden boot scored 4 of 6 conversion attempts. Despite the win, Canada suffered the loss of Ciaran Hearn with a leg injury 3 minutes into the 1st half.

Canada led Pool D with 90 points, followed by the United States Eagles with 59. Both teams advance to the Cup quarter-finals with Canada playing England and the Eagles playing Australia. Canada's match is scheduled for 4:12 p.m. NT (2:42 ET).

See Fixtures/Results/Pools/Player Points/Stream Link
See Rugby Canada


Tony Pomroy - Lisbon
U20 World Trophy

Newfoundland's Tony Pomroy sparked Canada's U20 team at Langford, B.C. against Romania in a test series and again against the United States in March to nudge the American team out of contention for the 2015 World Under 20 Trophy tournament in Lisbon, Portugal. The tournament opens on Tuesday, May 12 with Canada facing Namibia. Pomroy, a member of the Conception Bay Baymen RFC and The Rock, is joined by Emil Sehic (Fredericton) and Bryce Worden (Sussex) of Atlantic Canada.

Canada faces Hong Kong, Namibia and Tonga in Pool B in the round robin. Fiji, Georgia, Portugal and Uruguay will jostle for points in Pool A.

The tournament is a second tier international rugby union competition leading to the highly prized 2016 World Rugby Uner 20 Championship. Only the Trophy winner will advance.

See Fixtures/Results/Links
See The Telegram
See Rugby Canada - Matt Tidcombe
Tweet Tony Pomroy - @T_Poms


2015 Spring High School

The 2015 Spring High School Tournament kicks off at the Techniplex in St. John's on Sunday. Thirteen boys and girls teams are entered in the tournament, representing nine schools in the Avalon region.

See Fixtures/Results


Hearn and Parfrey in the Mix
Round 8
Glasgow, Scotland

Ciaran Hearn of the CBS Bayment RFC and Patrick Parfrey of the Swilers RFC - both members of the Atlantic Rock rugby team, are in Glasgow, Scotland representing Canada in Round 8 of the HSBC Sevens World Series which gets underway on Saturday.

Canada opens the tournament with a match against the United States at 14:00h NT (12:30 ET). Canada landed a major upset during the Tokyo 7's tournament, defeating 4th place New Zealand 19-15. Hearn played a major role in the win.

The Canadians are pumped for the Glasgow 7's seeking retribution after dropping their April match against the Americans with a 22-14 loss. Canada placed 4th in the tournament after losing 21-19 to Fiji.

See Glasgow 7's Fixtures/Results/Live Stream Link
See Standings
Tweet Ciaran Hearn - @Hearnia9
Tweet Pat Parfrey - @ParfreyPatrick


Pomroy Travelling to Portugal
World Rugby U20 Trophy

Newfoundland Rock's U20 half-back Tony Pomroy caught the attention of Rugby Canada's U20 Head Coach Jeff Williams and Assistant Coach Ken Goodland in March during the test matches against Romania and again during the qualifying matches against the United States at Langford, B.C., with 4-0 wins.

Pomroy and 25 other players from across Canada have been selected to contest at the World Rugby U20 Trophy in Lisbon, Portugal. Canada's opening match will be against Namibia on May 12th.

Canada and 7 other nations will compete to qualify for the World Rugby Under 20 Championship. Only the winning team of the Trophy competition will move on to compete in 2016.
Canada is in Pool B along with Hong Kong, Namibia and Tongo.

See Fixtures/Results/Players


NL Rock Teams Place 2nd and 4th
2015 Red Hot
High School Rugby Tournament

The Newfoundland Rock U16 men's team competed in the 22nd Annual Red Hot High School Rugby Tournament at Sheridan College in Brampton, Ontario on Tuesday, April 21st. Coach Simon Blanks brought two teams to the tournament, designated Rock 1 and Rock 2.

Rock 1 - 14 - Abbey Park - 19
Rock 1 - 41 - Christ the King - 0
Rock 1 - 00 - Oakville Trafalgar - 15
Rock 2 - 41 - Brampton Centennial - 0
Rock 2 - 24 - Streetsville - 0
Rock 2 - 00 - Lorne Park - 12

Eight teams competed in the Junior Pool with the Rock taking 2nd and 4th place. Sixty-four teams competed in the bantam, junior and senior boys divisions.



Canada Drops Plate to United States
Secures 2nd Place
Landry Tops Scoring

It was a tough run for Canada on home turf at Langford on Sunday as they dropped three matches and handed the Plate to the United States - their first loss to the Americans in the series.

After a flawless run on Saturday, the Canadian women gave up their 1st match in the Cup quarter-finals on Sunday, 5-12 to England. They came back in the Plate semi-finals with a 45-0 win over Fiji. But after beating the Americans 19-15 on Saturday in the round-robin, and taking an early lead in the Plate final, they stumbled as the U.S. came back taking 14 points at the end of the half. Canada rallied in the opening final to take 7 more to close the gap 14-12. But the United States shut the door with a try ending the match with a 19-12 win.

New Zealand beat Russia 29-10 for the Cup while England placed 3rd defeating France 19-7. Spain won the Bowl with a 14-12 win over Brazil.

Despite the loss, Ghislaine Landry was the tournament's top scorer with 56 points and Canada took sole possession of 2nd place in the series standings behind New Zealand. The team is regrouping for the next round in England with kick-off on May 15th. The final tournament will be in the Netherlands on May 22nd with the top four teams qualifying for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

See Langford Fixtures/Results
See Standings


Canadian's 7's Defeated by France
Fiji Upset New Zealand
Win Round 6
HSBC Sevens World Series
Cup Final

Canada's men's 7's team was crushed by France in the semi-final Bowl with a 38-19 loss. Historically, Canada won 13 Shield tropies, but advanced to a Bowl final in Round 6 of the HSBC Sevens at Hong Kong. Fiji took the Cup defeating New Zealand 33-19, considered an upset, Canada remains in 13th place in the standings.

Standings HSBC Sevens Stangings

2015-03-29 08:30h


Canadian U20 Men Win Placement
On To Portugal

Canada's U20 men's team earned decisive win over the USA Men's Junior All-Americans U20 team on Friday. Unlike last Monday's close match, the Canadians controlled both halves, leading 13-6 at the end of the first half and punishing the All-Americans in the second half, blanking the All-Americans and scoring an additional 28 points for a final 41-6 win.
See Fixtures/Results

2015-03-28 01:18h


Canada Defeats Belgium
Hong Kong

Canada defeated Belium in their opening match on Friday, tieing Fiji in Pool A. The Canadians play Samoa and then Fiji on Saturday.
See Round 6 - Hong Kong



HSBC Men's Sevens
Round 6
Hong Kong

Canada faces Belgium in their opening match in Round 6 at the HSBC Sevens World Series in Hong Kong on Friday. The Canadian men are currently thirteenth (27 pts) in the standings with four rounds remaining to improve their position to qualify for the 2016 Olympics. The top four ranked nations will compete in the Games of the XXXI Olympiad (2016 Summer Olympics) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

South Africa (93 pts), New Zealand (88 pts), Fiji (86 pts) and Australia (71 pts) currently lead the pack. Canada is in Pool A for the round-robin segment with Fiji, Samoa and Belgium. All of the matches, which run into Sunday, will be live streamed.

See Fixtures - Live Link
See Standings

2015-03-26 05:10


Canada's U20 Men Win Match 1
Final - Friday March 27

Monday's 24-23 win against the USA Men's Junior All-Americans U20 team was close, saved by the golden boot of inside-centre Guiseppe du Toit, nailing a penalty kick at the last minute of the game. In the dying minutes, Canada was behind 21-23 after a strong comeback in the second half.

The two teams play the second and final two-match total point series on Friday to decide which country will qualify to compete for the 2015 World Rugby U20 Trophy in Portugal, May 12 - May14. The match will be live streamed from Langford, British Columbia at 7:00 p.m. PT - 11:30 p.m. NT.

See Fixtures - Live Link
See Mark Janzen's Report



Canada's U20 Win Final Match

Twenty-six minutes into the first half and down 10-0, Newfoundland half-back Tony Pomroy seized the ball and in usual fashion, darted through Romania's defence and scored Canada's opening try - a flood gate which ended in a 36-13 win. Brandon Waeyen (Alberta) claimed 10 points while Paul Cuilini (Ontario) and Karsten Leitner (British Columbia) each scored a try. Dylan Horgan (Ireland) converted four tries and a penalty goal for 11 points. Canada blanked Romania in the second half 20-0.

The test matches at Langford, B.C., are in preparation for two games scheduled against the United States on March 23rd and 27th. The winner will participate in the 2015 World Rugby Under 20 Trophy competition in Portugal.

See 2015 U20 Trophy
See Rugby Canada



World Rugby
Pacific Challenge
Round 2
Tough Loss for Canada

After leading the match 17-10 under difficult weather conditions with rain and wind Canada dropped the ball in the second half allowing Samoa A to score three consecutive penalty kicks to score 19-17 and take the match.
See Rugby Canada
See Schedules & Times

2015-03-14 05:53 NT


World Rugby
Pacific Challenge

Round 2 of the World Rugby Pacific Challenge (fifteens) gets underway live stream at 10:30pm (9:00pm ET) tonight at the ANZ Stadium, Suva, Fiji. Canada is scheduled to play Samoa after defeating Junior Japan 69-17 on Tueday.

Newfoundland players Ciaran Hearn and Patrick Parfrey are scheduled for this match line-up.

See Schedules & Times - Important Note - Fiji time is 14.5 hours ahead of NL time. All times depicted on schedules is Fiji time.



Canadian Women's Sevens Team
Round 3
Atlanta, Georgia

Canada's senior women's Sevens team is preparing for their first Pool "C" match against Brazil on Saturday. As in the past, the Canadian team is comprised of a good number of seasoned, talented players aiming to better their February third place final in Sao Paulo. Canada is in third place with 32 points behind Austrlia (36 pts) and New Zealand (40 pts). The matches will be live streamed.

See Round 3 - Atlanta


Canada Takes First Match

Canada won it's first of two test matches against Romania's U19 squad on Tuesday with a 21-9 score. The Canadian men are warming up to face the United States to contest for the eighth and final place in the 2015 World Rugby Under 20 Trophy to be contested May 12 - May 24 in Portugal. The North American winner will fill slot eight in the second tier international competition.

Canada and Romania face-off again on Saturday, March 14th for their final match. The game will be live streamed here at Rugby Canada TV

See Canada vs. USA



Men's U20 Fifteens
v. Romania

Newfoundland's Tony Pomeroy (Baymen RFC) and Justin Aylward (Dogs RFC) are in Langford, British Columbia, for today's match against Romania. It will be the two Rock players first exposure to international men's fifteens competition. While designated substitutions for this match, both players are well known as being talented athletes at the national level.

Another well known Newfoundland player, Matthew Murphy (Dogs RFC), was also selected for the Canadian Under-20 men's team and is also training in Langford. Thirty players from across Canada are at the Langford training facility.

Today's match will take place at the Shawnigan Lake School with kick-off at at 3:30 pm PT (8:00 pm NT). The match will be live streamed.

Canada will play Romania again on Saturday, March 14th at the Westhills Stadium - 6:30 pm PT (11:00 pm NT). On Monday, March 23rd Canada plays the USA U-20 men's team at Shawnigan Lake School and on Friday, March 27th at the Weshills Stadium.

All of the matches will be live streamed here at Rugby Canada TV




Cowan - Hearn
Sport NL Provincial Awards


John O'Donovan Cowan

Ciaran Hearn

Sport Newfoundland and Labrador narrowed the finalists for the 2015 Provincial Annual Awards.

John Cowan, President of the Newfoundland and Labrador Rugby Union is a finalist for the 2014 Executive of the Year Award.

Ciaran Hearn is a finalist for the Senior Male Athlete of the Year Award. He was also recently nominated nationally for the Fifteens Player of the Year Award by Rugby Canada.

The winners will be announced at the Stars and Legends Gala slated for April 11th.

See Stars and Legends Gala




Rock Women Sevens
Las Vegas Invitational

Take a few dedicated life-long rugby women rugby players turned managers and coaches and mix them with a group of committed Newfoundland and Labrador rugby players, under the Rugby Canada and the NL flags - The Rock - and you have a mix of some of the finest committed female rugby players in Canada.

Paralleling the men's 7s international HSBC Sevens, the United States hosts an international invitational Women's Open 7s rugby tournament cited as being the largest in the world. The women's Rock Rugby team selects their best to attend these tournaments led by Coach Roxanne Butler and Team Manager, Corinne Humby:

Team: The Rock - Women's 7s International:

Sarah Newhook (C), Baymen RFC, 3rd year
Gillian Forward, Swilers RFC. 3rd year
Emily Wiscombe, Baymen RFC, 2nd year
Kathleen Daly, Swilers RFC, 2nd year
Tieshia Quinlan, Dogs RFC, 2nd year
Robyn Woodrow, Baymen RFC, 2nd year
Sydney Noseworthy (A/C), Swilers RFC, 1st year
Melissa Kaulback, Dogs RFC, 1st year
Zoey Walsh, Swilers RFC, 1st year
Olivia Genge, Swilers RFC, 1st year
Renata Lang, Baymen RFC, 1st year
Natasha Cobb, Swilers RFC, 1st year

The team nailed a 3-0-3 series placing 6th of 16 participating teams



Canadian Men's Sevens
Las Vegas
Round 5

In less than a week, recovering from Round 4 of the HSBC Sevens in Wellington, NZ the men's team is in Las Vegas preparing for their opening match against Kenya in Round 5. Canada is in Pool A along with England, Argentina and Kenya.

England and Canada fought it out last week in Pool B at Wellington with a 27-5 loss to Canada. The tough Brits went on to compete in the Cup final losing a close 27-21 match to New Zealand. Canada is currently in 14th place in international 7s standings.

See Round 5 - Results
See Rugby Canada Review



Landry Leads Scoring
Women Retain 3rd Place
World Rugby Sevens

Canada's Women's Sevens team focused on moving from 3rd place in the world standings to the Cup final and they came very close, nearly beating Australia in the semi-finals - down by only 1 try for a 7-12 loss.

Ghislanine Landry racked up 54 points during the two day tournament to lead the series with 99 points. Bianca Farella, Karen Paquin and Ashley Stacey joined along with many outstanding plays by the entire team to bring Canada to within 4 points of the point leader, New Zealand. Canada has not as yet played the New Zealand All Blacks in the series.

The team will rest and repair for Round 3 which opens on March 14th in Atlanta, Georgia. All of the matches are live streamed by World Rugby

See Stats
See Mark Sheldon - Rugby Canada
See Round 2 - Brazil


Canadian Women
Round 2
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Watch Canadian Rugby Clips


Ghislaine Landry and company open play on Saturday in Sao Paulo against Russia. The 26-year old Torontonian and her eleven teammates are determined to improve on their third place standing in the World Rugby Women's Sevens Series.

See Round 2
Tweet Ghislaine:



Wellington 7s

Pat Parfrey

Parfrey in Wellington
Round 4
HSBC Sevens

Pat Parfrey Jr. and fellow members of Canada's World Series Sevens team are in New Zealand preparing for their opening game on Friday against New Zealand. Pat is a veteran member of the Atlantic Rock, the Swilers RFC and BC's James Bay Athletic Association.

See Round 4
Tweet Pat:



Ciaran Hearn

Hearn Nominated
Fifteens Player of the Year

The Atlantic Rock's Ciaran Hearn is one of four players nominated as Canada's 2014 Men's Fifteens Player of the Year. The other nominees are Hubert Buydens (Saskatchewan), Jeff Hessler (Alberta) and Jason Marshall (British Columbia).

Hearn has had an outstanding international career playing for both the Fifteens and Sevens Canadian teams.

A member of the of the Conception Bay South Baymen RFC alumni, the twenty-nine year old was named Rugby Canada's Men's Fifteens Award Winner in 2013.

The winner will be announced at the Rugby Canada Awards Night on April 16th 2015.

See 2013 Awards

Updated: 2015-03-09



Sam Newhook

Newhook Named Rookie of the Year
University of Waterloo Warriors Rugby

Nineteen year old University of Waterloo Warriors Sevens rugby team freshman Sam Newhook has been named Rookie of the Year by the club's coaching staff.

A veteran member of the Vandals RFC and the U19 Atlantic Rock, the St. John's native is enrolled with the university's five year Biomedical Engineering undergraduate program.

See Waterloo Warriors



Dr. Devon Parfrey

Atlantic Rock ICON Passes
Newfoundland Rugby Mourns
Benvon Parfrey (Cramer), MD

September 22, 1950 - January 2, 2015

Passed peacefully away on Friday, January 2, 2015 at home of breast cancer, age 64 years. Predeceased by her father Brendan Cramer; mother Catherine Roycroft. Left to cherish her life her husband Patrick Parfrey; sons Brendan (Carla), Kevin (Nik), Owen (Angela) and Patrick; grandchildren Ben and Fiona; sister Geraldine and brother Barry (Sandra). A woman much beloved who lived her life in harmony with her family, the Janeway Hospital and the sports community. She loved to see her sons play hockey and rugby, was proud of her contributions to the Radiology community, and was a surrogate mother to countless rugby players. Cremation has take place. Visitation from Caul’s Funeral Home, LeMarchant Road on Monday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. A private funeral service will be held from Caul’s Chapel on Tuesday morning. In lieu of flowers donations may be made to the NL Sports Centre for Benvon’s Room and the Active Start Program. The family is very grateful to Drs Kara Laing and Brent Tompkins for their sensitive management, the staff of the cancer centre, and friends, particularly the Harnett’s, who helped us. She loved a good party and a sing song; and would like her friends to celebrate her life at a party at Swilers Rugby Club, on Tuesday, January 6, 2015 at 8:30 p.m.

Rest in Peace Benvon.You will always be loved and remembered.

Caul’s Guest Book for Benvon
Sports writer John Brown’s tribute

Benvon's Room and the Active Start Program

By cheque payable to NLSC Fundraising-Benvon's Room
c/o Sport NL, P.O. Box 8700, St. John's, NL A1B 4J6.
Contact person: Rod Snow 709-729-6580 or [email]



2014 IRB Junior
World Championship
England Defeat New Zealand 21-20
Retain Title

See IRB Junior World Championship



HSBC Sevens World Series
South Africa
Canadian Men Win Bowl
Defeat Kenya 24-5

See South Africa Fixtures/Results/Canadian Roster December 13-14
See 2014/2015 Men's Sevens Stats
NLRU Ciaran Hearn big asset in South Africa



HSBC Sevens World Series - Dubai
Canadian Men Win Shield

See Live Stream
See Rugby Canada Review



World Rugby Sevens - Dubai
Canadian Women
Pocket 3rd Place Round 1
World Rugby Sevens

See Live Stream
See Rugby Canada - Mark Sheldon's review



Canada's Magali Harvey nominated
IRPA try of the year 2014


See: International Rugby Players Association

Updated: 2015-03-09 South Africa's Francois Hougaard won the 2014 IRPA try of the year award.



Deacy - Goodyear

Swilers RFC - 2014 Deacy Cup Champions
Swilers RFC - 2014 Goodyear Cup Champions




Canada Misses Cup
Wins Shield
Australia Sevens

Round 1 - Gold Coast, Australia
Rugby Canada Review



2014 Senior Men
Sully Cup Championships

Swilers Sully Cup Champions
Results Posted Here



Eastern Canada Club Tournament
Al Charron Cup (ECCT)

Ste-Anne-De-Bellevue RFC retain Al Charron Cup
Schedules/Results Posted Here



Benvon Cramer Parfrey

Dr. Benvon Cramer Parfrey
Rugby Canada Chairman's Award

Benvon Cramer Parfrey

A&A Photo

Left to right: Graham Brown (CEO, Rugby Canada),
Dr. Benvon Cramer Parfrey, Rod Snow and Al Charron

Aside from her substantial contribution to provincial and Canadian rugby, in her profession, Benvon retains her maiden name, Cramer and is highly acclaimed nationally and internationally in pediatrics (MB, BCh, MRCP (UK) FRCR (UK) FRCP) having contributed numerous research papers in her field, many along with her devoted husband, Dr. Pat Parfrey. She is the Professor of Radiology, Memorial University's School of Medicine and Chair of the discipline of Radiology, Janeway Children's Hospital, Newfoundland and Labrador Health Science Complex.

Benvon is an amazing woman, totally committed to advancing youth in rugby and, along with her husband Pat, has hosted many national and international visiting club members. Mother of four outstanding rugby players, it is often said that Pat Parfrey's highly successful strategies have been grounded with Benvon's knowledgeable input. See Rugby Canada


2014 Senior Men
Canadian Rugby Championships (CRC)

Ontario Blues Retain MacTier Cup

Schedules/Results Posted Here

Kris Abbott's Highlights
BC Bears vs. Atlantic Rock - September 21 2014






IRB Changing Brand Name, Logo
"World Rugby"

Effective November 2014 - IRB Announcement



Men's U18 Provincial Rugby Championship

2014 Men's U18 Provincial
Rugby Championship

Mt. Pearl Dogs Jacobs Cup Champions
Results Posted Here



Women's U20 CANAM - Canada vs USA

Women's Under 20 CANAM
Match #1 - Canada 51 - USA 5
August 20th 2014
Match #2 - Canada 43 - USA 6

August 23rd 2014

Canadiam CANAM Champions



2014 IRB Women's Rugby World Cup

August 1st - August 17th 2014 - Paris, France
Final - Canada Silver (9) - England Gold - Cup (21)
Results Posted Here
Magali Harvey - 2014 IRB Women's Player of the Year



2014 Sr. Men Summer League
Collins Cup Final

Swilers - Winners of Collins Cup
Results Posted Here



2014 Senior Men
Canadian Rugby Championships (CRC)

Saturday, August 16th:
Atlantic Rock 11-20 Ontario Blues - Richmond, Ontario
Prairie Wolf Pack 30-3 BC Bears - Kelowna, B.C.

Schedules Posted Here



2014 National Championship Festival

August 5th - August 10th 2014 - Calgary, AB
Results Posted Here


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